Saturday, July 31, 2010

This is SO my jam!

Last night was ladies night. Complete with sushi and cocktails. Best. Night. Ever. Seriously I don't know how we haven't been doing this every weekend since the dawn of time. Good food friends and drinks? Um yes please.

(Bish please, we run this town)

I'm pretty sure these was lots of the running man involved because what night is complete without the runnning man? Oh yeah and maybe some jazz hands.

(love love love these ladies)

Hope you all are having just as fabulous of a weekend. A & I are going to see Inception tonight, I've heard nothing but awesome things and was really inspired to see it when Mayra over at Life is Bananas posted screen shots...umm hotties. So until then have a great weekend I'm peacing out.

(Des Moines nightlife. I LOVE it)

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  1. ladies night AND inception?! dang had a BOMB ASS weekend! please let me know how you liked it.


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