Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Noodle Zoo!

Today I ate lunch at my favorite place in Des Moines....Noodle Zoo! Seriously the best food I've ever eaten. Their house salad which is their specialty is to die for. It's impossible to describe it's something you just have to experience for yourself, whether you are a Des Moines native, Iowa resident, or just passing through my fair city, stop by and try it. Scope out their website yo and then make plans to visit and partake of their awesomeness. http://www.noodlezoo.com/


My office Holiday Party is coming up and I of course have in mind the perfect outfit. However I cannot find it. I would like, a one shoulder emerald green dress and black patent leather platform pumps. Doesn't sound to hard right? WRONG! Unless of course you're rich and can afford either the Yves St. Laurent or Louboutin's that I've been obsessing over for years. Sadly I cannot and D won't give me the $700 for them. So if anyone knows where I can find these

and a dress like this:

at a price that I can afford, I'd be obliged.



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