Monday, November 9, 2009


Wow been a while since a post. D & I have been super busy lately it's finally started to calm down. Lots of racing visiting the folks, and workin been goin on the last couple of weekends. As most of you know I'm a veteran at the BB Dubs ( or Bath and Body Works for all you non Limited Brands employees) and Holiday Season is upon us like whoa! I'm talking Christmas Trees, paper chains, snowmen, the works. So until approximately February 1st I will be a workin like mad. I don't mind it though, I like watching the basement remodel fund grown in it's bright and happy ING savings account. Oh homeownership how I loathe thee sometimes!


As we've been busy my wifely duties have been lackin. Which causes major anxiety in this lady let me tell you. I try to always maintain order in my house as much as I can what with the menagerie that resides here. The kitchen and the bedroom are my two main areas of focus. Especially the bedroom. Don't know why but it is supposed to be the safe haven. The door remains shut at all hours of the day UNTIL we go to bed. (This is mostly to just keep the dogs out of there so they don't get fur everywhere) So when I open it up to go to bed I expect it to be pristine and welcoming and ready for me to hop in and snuggle up. Needless to say when it is not in that condition, I have a hard time sleeping. So if you ever want me as a house guest, you better have a spotless bedroom for me to sleep in.

This is my dream. I'm a workin on it.

Until next time peeps.


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