Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'm calling myself out

Remember that one time I said "hey I have a desk now so obviously I'm going to sit at it and write super awesome posts again." Then I didn't. I have no excuses why I didn't I just didn't. Probably because I had nothing super awesome to write about. Apparently I thought my desk would make my life exciting and so cool I would be bursting with awesome posts to write. Anyways, my last couple of posts have been all wedding related and I REFUSE to let this become a wedding blog. 

So! Maybe some of you have noticed but it is now December which means that it is BIRTHMAS TIME!!! The most wonderful time of the year! Which means I can go back to posting pictures of things I want and hoping that someone (Drew) gets a hint. Or two. My birthday is Christmas day after all. First up:

I need a new wallet yo. I already got myself a new Kate Spade bag for my birthday ( I needed it stop with the side eye.) so I desperately need a replacement wallet for Ole Green thats been around for like 5 years. Yeesh. 


Our honeymoon (if we're able to take one right after the wedding) will be backpacking in Glacier National Park for a week. This is really just a necessity. 

If I have to tell you why I need want these then clearly we aren't friends.

There you go folks, Birthmas wish list 2013. What would you add?



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