Thursday, December 1, 2011

25 Days of Birthmas: Day 1

WTF is Birthmas you ask? Well friends first off, you're welcome for getting the day off on my birthday. I had to pull a few strings and collaborate with Jesus and Santa, but it's now a holiday so enjoy it. If you haven't figured it out by now my birthday is December 25th. CHRISTMAS DAY. Hence, Birthmas. I am also okay with calling it Marismas too. I have some excited things planned, including telling you all about my Secret Santa once I recieve my present, a very special Christmas guest post, and ......a Birthmas Giveaway! To kick things off I thought I'd do a list of 10 things you might not know about me. So we can all be better friends and you won't feel so guilty having my birthday off without really knowing me.

1.) I used to save the juice from my Freeze Pops and dump it in a hole in my drive way, throw in some weeds (aka vegetables) and call it Kashi Soup with my cousin. Yeah those A-hole's stole our name.

2.) I did not fly in an airplane until I was 20 years old.

3.) I drive like a grandma, and I don't care. I have never been pulled over for speeding in 11 years of driving.

4.) Tea (hot or cold) makes me want to vom. Yes I've probably tried your special/favorite kind. It also tastes like butt.

5.) I don't wish to own a home. I know it's the American dream, but I detest anything involving home improvements. You can ask D about this one.

6.) I want rollerblading to become cool again like it was in the 90's. Don't act like you don't too.

7.) In the first grade I didn't realize you had to wait for the entire class to go to recess and when I realized I'd be in trouble for leaving early, I hid in the toy bin so I could act like I arrived with everyone.

8.) I've watched Miss America every year since I was 5

9.) My favorite "treat" meal (meaning out of a box and not homemade) was Rice a Roni. We only had it maybe once a month and my brother and I would compete to see who could eat the most.

10.) I miss holidays at my Grandparents because all I want for Thansgiving is my grandmas homemade tortillas and rice and beans.

There, I feel like we're all better friends now. Stay tuned for the rest of the Birthmas Festivities!




  1. Marisa,

    I love it. Your ten things about you were amazing. I love the name Marismas. So clever and cute. I am excited to hear all about your secret Santa.

  2. i flew at 21! love cold sweet tea (it's the norm down here). and made it until i was 30 w.o a speeding ticket.

  3. These are great...and how fun that your bday is Christmas!!

  4. Loved reading this! I drive like a grandma too everyone makes fun of me.... people here are nuts though no matter what the speed limit is they go 55. xo

  5. i love that you hit in the toy bin! and thanks for the day off!

  6. I love how you are celebrating! That's awesome you have such a positive attitude.

  7. Ahhh Birthmas, awesome! Inspector Climate isn't big on tea either (although I think he can deal with it ok iced).

  8. This is such a cute post, thanks for sharing! I love rollerblading and wish it was hip skates are waiting. My brother and I also really love Rice a Roni as kids, but I can't remember the last time I had it!

  9. So generous and thoughtful of you to give us all the day off for Marismas! I shall raise a glass to you on the day.

    As for me, I prefer coffee over tea any day, but I drive like a demon. I like to pretend that I'm a rally car driver through the city streets. I've only ever gotten one speeding fine in 13 years which surprises the hell out of me.

    Ooh, and I hope you always get birthday presents AND Christmas presents. I've heard of other people who just get one lot and I think that is balls.

  10. Oh, you so crack me up! Marismas, ha ha love it!
    Let the Birthmas festivites begin, sounds like a blast!
    gi gi

  11. I didn't like tea until I got some loose leaf tea from a store in Canada. So I understand your vehement dislike of it!

    It was fun to get to know you better! :)

  12. i loved reading this list!

    and wow, i think you deserve twice the amount of gifts since it's also your birthday! :D

    <3, Mimi
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