Friday, December 2, 2011

25 Days of Birthmas Day 2: Stuff I Want

Okay so normally I'm not one to ask for a lot of presents because, I feel bad asking for them. I would much rather people donate to the ARL (Animal Rescue League), participate in Toys for Tots or make donations to the local food bank. However, since I need to fill up 25 Days of Birthday stuff, I suppose I can share with you some crap that I wouldn't mind having.

Yes I want the Kindle Fire. Don't try to sell me on your iPad. Drew has one. It's neat, but this does everything I need it to and only costs $199. Please donate the extra money it would have cost to buy an iPad to one of the above mentioned charities.

Mine is sadly about to bite the dust. I have worn the shit out of this coat and I love it to death. Also I can wear a child's size XL. They're cheaper.

I hope to run up a mountain in August so these would be very much appreciated. 

And last but not least

I also would like to start doing multi-day hikes. So this is necessary. 

What? You were expecting sparkly pretty pageant girl things? Sorry. I'm quite diverse as you now know. Also, I love The North Face. Don't hate. 

Stay tuned for more Birthmas fun!!!!!!!




  1. I love North Face! My college backpack (that I bought, ahem, 10 years ago) is North Face and it's still going strong!

  2. I hope you get everything on that list :)
    It's great to be diverse, variety IS the spice of life :)
    Happy Friday
    gi gi

  3. Hahaha, I love my NF jacket too. I wear it literally every day and with everything. Looks a little silly with leggings and a sweater dress but, oh well.

    I need new shoes too!

  4. I too need a new jacket. Last time I asked for one I got one...but it was teal. So we'll see.

  5. Ha- yes I was expecting pretty pageant girl things, funny you should ask!

    I heard the kindle fire is awesome!!!

  6. I have an iPad (gift from the Mac obsessed husband)and I still don't get the $ allure.

  7. Omg girl! I just did a tutorial the other day... You should take a look lol. I always reply to your comments via email but they aren't going to you bc you don't have your email set up! I actually just replied saying that the ear warmers would be great for running! And great Xmas list!

  8. well aren't you the sporty one! i hope you get it all and MORE!!!

  9. When you move, we should do some trail runs together! I will be doing a 25k trail race in April! I haven't ran a trail yet, though, so I need to buy shoes for it!

  10. the kindle fire looks great! i think i'm gonna look into that. i never really got into the whole kindle or nook thing but that looks good. ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  11. one of my friends would love everything on this list.

  12. We to my mom a kindle fire and everyday she sends me a note telling me how much she loves it.

  13. i too need a new coat, but am eyeing a mountain hardwear...which isn't cheap either!

  14. We just bought the kindle fire for my father-in-law for christmas!

  15. Are you sure a 35 is large enough for multi-day hikes? I think I have a 60, and while I don't pack that much, you need somewhere to put the tent and all the food! Not to mention sleeping bags and the like!


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