Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sentimental Holiday Stuff & Things

I am not sentimental, romantic or overly emotional. It's just not in my makeup. So here I am, listening to Celine Dion (No joke) to help me get in the mood to write about some sentimental emotional stuff.

So it was Thanksgiving last week, if you hadn't noticed. I'm sure everyones pants did. Anyways, I'm always a thankful person. Whenever I catch myself being sad about not having the latest gadget, or not being able to buy a new handbag when I want I remind myself of those who have so much less than I do. I remind myself to be thankful that I can afford food everyday, health care whenever I need it, and that I have a wonderful apartment to go home to every single night. I hope that I will never get on the bandwagon of "I need more money so I can have better things than everyone else". Truly all that I ever want and need are the three things I've already mentioned...and just 1 more.

This year, I was thankful for a new addition in my life. I think you know who it is. He's kind of hard to miss at 6'4". I've written a lot about how stressful trying to relocate is, but I think I make it hard on myself. I have this mentality that I have to do this by myself because I've always had to do things by myself. I don't have the luxury of a supportive family as most do. I know that I could call, but I also know the answer would be the same as always "oh thats too bad, best of luck." And then there is Drew. He actually wants to help me. Has offered more than once to help me out, to which I always reply no I can do this on my own. It's like a built in automatic response. Here is someone who is offering to help me out without me even asking, because he wants nothing more than for us to be together and is willing to do whatever he can to make it happen. And then there is me, being an idiot making my life harder because I don't want to feel like a failure or lesser person for not handling things on my own. Sometimes, I suck. And so, I am thankful for Drew. Not only for loving me unconditionally despite my stubborn tendencies but also for wanting to be there for me because he loves me. Now I'm crying. Fuck you Titanic theme.

Let's change tunes.

Here is my only Holiday shopping score.

Kind of excited. Adds about 3.5lbs of weight but it really doesn't feel that bad. It's sits higher up on your back so you barely notice it.

Hope everyone has a great week! It's so tough coming back from a holiday...




  1. I adore your shopping score! I treid to stay away of the crowds that day! Did you see my post on Black Friday in the future or how to have a better Black Friday?

    I am thankful for you Marisa!

    Here is to a merrier holiday season!

  2. I am totally sentimental and can be over-emotional at times, but I, too, struggle to let others help me. I've done it on my own for so long, I have a hard time asking for help - mostly because I don't want to be a burden to others. But then I think about how i am always happy to help others and I remind myself that others feel that same way about helping me, most likely!

  3. Im the person that gets teary eyed when people sing happy birthday, so i know all about being sentimental. <3

  4. sweet post, I'm a thankful person as well overall i do think we shouldn't take things for granted :)

  5. i am definitely an over-emotional person, but i think it's okay. i feel like at least i'm not just bottling everything up.

  6. I moved two hours for love and my family didn't help me!

  7. Marisa,

    You're so lucky to have Drew in your life. I can't wait to find someone who's like your sweet guy. This made me :)

    P.s.I love your pack it's super cute.


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