Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm Here, I Swears

Hey loves. I'm alive, for reals. Just supppppeeerr busy weekend and so much going on right now. Black Friday was good, not as crazy as I was prepared for and I drank FOUR Red Bulls in less than 24 hours. Also I ate about 25,000 calories. That shouldn't really be a surprise. I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and has recovered from the food comas! Can't wait to catch up with everyone. 




  1. Four Red Bulls?! I cannot imagine... although, I did have about five cups of coffee today, so I should even talk...

    We need to get together soon!! Happy hour Friday?

  2. Love your blog!
    Following you now :) check out mine and if u like it we can follow each other!

  3. Hey at least you survived and now it's over for a whole year! Black Friday can be so intense!!

  4. 4 red bulls! ACK! the 25,000 calories made me laugh. LOL!


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