Monday, November 14, 2011

Motivate Me Monday

Okay so I totally failed this week. This weeks challenge was to try a new class at the gym or new workout video at home. On Friday before I left for Minneapolis, I ran into a friend at the gym who suggested I come to spin class Monday morning. I thought, perfect! I've never done a spin class before and it would be perfect for MMM. Then I had a little problem on the way home from Minnesota and did not get home until late and knew there was no way I'd be dragging myself out of bed for spin class. (I got to Medford and realized that my work laptop was sitting on Drew's kitchen table.) So next week will be a double MMM as I fully intend on still attending the spin class next week and taking on the new weeks challenge. (Successfully this time)

As a cop out, let me offer you this.

Friday I drove straight to Drew's work to meet with one of his co-workers who has ran the Pikes Peak Marathon.  Yes it is exactly what it sounds like. A marathon up and down Pikes Peak in Colorado, one of the Colorado 14ers. ( A mountain 14,000ft or over) I want to do the Pikes Peak Ascent in 2012, which is just a half marathon to the top of Pike's Peak and then someone drives you down. It was inspiring to talk to him about it, as I was terrified I would die on the mountain due to the altitude and not being acclimated. However he told me I"d be fine as long as I train well, the altitude should not be a problem. So excited to start training in January for it. It's going to be a crazy adventure but such a great accomplishment when I'm done. I can't wait :)

(yes I hope to run to the top of this.)

(Aaaanndd I hope it doesn't look like this )

This weeks challenge is to drink 8 glasses of water a day. I am really going to need motivation for this one. I'm so bad at drinking water. Thanks to Ashley, Amanda and Whitney, they're so kind and patient because I'm pretty sure I did the link up wrong....again. I swear girls next week I will get it right!

Motivation Cheers!




  1. I have a friend who works in a busy office and is on the go all day. She has a little trick for drinking more water during the work day--take a sip every time someone walks into the office, or every time a phone rings, or something like that. She said it really works!

  2. im glad youre still planning on doing the spin class...they scare me. so be sure to let us know how it goes!! also do you want me to link up your post?? just email me and i can do it for you if you want!!

  3. The 8 glasses of water a day is a good goal. I get about 4 in each day, which sounds like nothing! But that's a nalgene bottle and even drinking that much makes me have to use the bathroom so often! But I know it's good for me!

    That sounds like an awesome half marathon! I can't imagine doing a half with elevation like that. Have you done halves before? I think it's a great challenge though, and if I did something like that, I'd just have to adjust my expectations for my time!!

  4. That's a great goal! Now how did seeing the parents go?

  5. WOW - I'm super impressed! I just completed a half marathon, but it was flat the entire way... I can't imagine doing it with any inclination!!

  6. what an amazing goal! and i too hope it doesn't look like that when you do it. yikes!


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