Monday, November 7, 2011

Motivate Me Monday

Hello! Welcome new followers and thank you to new commentors! I appreciate you stopping by. Today is the start of something new and I'm very excited to be a part of it: Motivate Me Monday. It is a link up hosted by Ashley , Amanda , and Whitney to help keep us motivated, support each other and trade tips, tricks, recipes and the like. This weeks question for the link up was what area or muscle of your body is your favorite to work out, why, and what work outs do you do? Without a doubt my favorite area to work out is my upper body. I love it all, weight machines, free weights, "dance arms" exercises. I was always teased because of my tiny arms growing up and now I love working them out, building muscle and seeing that beautiful definition. Take that every one who made fun of my puny arms! If I had to pick a favorite muscle in my arms that I love working it would definitely be the deltoids. I love my shoulders so much, they've never looked better! I love doing lateral raises in front of the mirrors (whatev don't judge me, I enjoy looking at my muscles!) so I can make sure that I'm doing it correctly and avoid injury. Physical therapy for a bum knee and a stress fracture are quite enough for one year. So what about you guys? What do you love working out the most? Or better yet, what do you hate working out? (Abs for me!)  Post any questions you may have on fitness/working out etc... and I will gladly answer them. And of course, join the link up and get motivated!


  1. I dislike sit-ups the most!
    Cleaning the house is part of my exercise regime...hah!

  2. I just can't get motivated for fitness workouts. I'm like a cow on the train tracks refusing to move, as far as that goes. I don't like lifting weights, I don't like heavy work and I don't like anatomy. I'd much rather starve myself to death to lose weight than to go to the gym. Unless it's for cardio, I enjoy cardio exercises.

    How demotivating is this :/ Sorry

  3. hey girl! this looks great:) i also hate abs, i feel like i NEVER see results. ha
    im so glad your linkin up now:)

  4. Its getting so cold. Mainly, putting on some music when I can and put in a few zumba (which I probably can't spell at the moment) moves.

  5. My favorite to work out is my stomach.
    I still have these fats from giving birth.
    Too bad, it's been two months that I haven't gone to
    the gym though :-(

  6. Ugh I hate working out abs too. I feel like ever since I had my babe he is eighteen month I can't get that flat tummy anymore no matter how much I do. I like to work out arms too intact today is my arm day and I'm excited


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