Thursday, November 17, 2011

Accent Video Log

I saw some people do these and thought they were really fun. So I decided to do one for the greatest region on the country: The Midwest. Enjoy!

So feel free to share with my your discrepancies. Are you a pop or soda person? Or just coke? Also does any other state say singles for $1 bills? Maybe it's just an Illinois thing. Oh! And one I didn't mention: casserole or  hot dish? 

Midwest Cheers!



  1. I don't dispute with you too much on the things you say! I also say ANT not aunt and singles and I say CRAN, which I get made fun of for...

    You cat in the background was too much to handle.

    I liked when you said "I call it weather" I laughed out loud.

  2. This is great...i still say pop..and originally from Canada! this was a vlog!

  3. The funny thing is, I call my midwest aunts ANTS and my east coast aunts ONTS. And because I lived in Texas and have family in the South, I do say y'all. Now I feel the need to make one of these for my blog but the video part of it kind of freaks me out. Thanks dude.

  4. Ha! This was so cute! I think I'm going to do this on my blog tomorrow! :)

  5. Singles!! I still remember the funny looks we got when we first moved out here for that one. LOLand I still say it. Now y'all I do say, think its from my Donley days but it has gotten worse since I moved to Texas, they use it as often as a valley girl uses like. LOL

  6. i see a curious and pretty kitty in the background!

    i like coke. but i am trYING not to drink it, as it is expanding my belly! lol

    casserole. lol. i never hear that term anymore! but i certainly know what it refers to!

  7. in GA we say Coke for any soft drink (what kind of Coke you want? Dr. Pepper) or soda.
    and we say buggy for shopping cart.

  8. What a fun post! I am from Michigan and have only lived in Pennsylvania for a year and people are constantly asking where I am from because of my accent. In the summer I ordered vanilla ice cream in a cone with sprinkles... and the girl said WHAT IS THAT and I pointed and she said ohh those a jimmy's. In Michigan a Jimmy is a condom. I say a lot of things the same as you... people nit pick how I say bag as well haha. Maybe i`ll have to do one of these. xo


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