Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This post is brought to you by boobs

This Saturday is the Des Moines Race for the Cure and I couldn't be more excited! Amber will be there from A Little Pink in the Cornfields and I'm so excited to meet her! This will by my 3rd Race and I always look forward to congregating at the Capitol building with everyone in their pink. It's such an amazing energy; I'm always inspired by the survivors there. Breast cancer does not run in my family, but as we've all learned from Giuliana Rancic, that does not mean we're in the clear. I've decided that come 35, mammograms baby! I don't care if my doctor thinks it's not necessary I happen to like my somewhat below averaged sized boobs and I'd like to keep them. If we have the technology and the means to detect early and save lives then why not? So, start feeling yourself up, get to know your boobs, and get your mammograms!

Speaking of boobs. So, my 30 day challenge is done, and I rocked it. I am now addicted to lifting and strength training and if I do say so myself, I'm pretty buff these days. I've noticed boobs seem bigger. And by bigger I mean I KIND OF HAVE CLEAVAGE. If I wear the right shirt and keep my arms at my side just right. But seriously, they seem bigger. Anyone else every encounter this? Does lifting weights give you bigger boobs? Or is it like the muscles around your boobs giving the illusion that your boobs are bigger? How many times did I say boobs in the last 3 sentences? I'm not complaining or anything. If working out gives me a rockin' bod and bigger boobs I'm all for it. You're welcome Drew.  Let me know if there is any scientific research on this phenomenon. 

Cheers for boobs!



  1. I can't wait to meet you too!!!

    I can't believe your 30 day challenge is already done! I have completely fallen off the wagon. :( I made it to the gym yesterday, but it has been really sporadic for me! :(

  2. Hahahah, love it. Maybe I should start lifting?!

  3. congratulations on making it through the 30 days. that is so awesome! have a great run this weekend too!

  4. Wow! Thats awesome! And it runs in my great grranny got it at 80! She is a 15 yr survivor.

  5. haha you'd think working out would make them smaller? but i could go for bigger. shoot i feel bad for eating a giant peice of pumpkin .. something.. bread? cake? what the heck did i just eat? other than today and yesterday i've been doing pretty well in the healthy food/working out thing too :)

    i just forced my mom to go for a mammogram.. i hope someone is around to force me to go when it's my turn!


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