Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back As Fast As Lightning!!!!

Whoa! It's amazing what can happen once the creative juices start to flow. So I was all worried that I wouldn't have this done by this weekend and here it is Thursday and I'm writing a new post! May still need to do a few tweaks here and there but right now I"m pretty content with it. 

Alright, so I was all worried about what I'd write about now that I'm not  single anymore, but then I realized that I would be doing a whole bunch of fun things in a new city and traveling quite a bit and lets face it something interesting allllways happens when you travel. So I've decided to dedicate my blog to the travels, trials and tribulations that accompany a long distance relationship. Obviously this will just be another chapter of my blog as I don't want this relationship to be permanently long distance, but for now I have every confidence that I won't run out of material while it is. So welcome back to those that have been here a while. I hope you enjoy the new and (somewhat) improved site! And to those stopping by for the first time, welcome! Not sure what this post is all about just peruse through the last month or two of posts. Should bring you up to speed.




  1. hellloooooo! i love the new blog name :) so cute. "hellos" are always great and exploring a new city is fantastic! i wonder how far away the 2 places are.. i will google map that right now haha

  2. well i hope the long distance thing goes well! and i hope it isn't a long distance thing for L-O-N-G! :)

  3. Hey there Chica! I am sorry I haven't been over sooner! This summer has been super busy! Sounds like you have been busy too .... falling in love! So happy for you!
    You guys aren't too far, I know it's hard, keep on a skyping!

    I have been in a long ( 10 hr) distance relationship for 2 years now! Fingers crossed for him moving here soon!

    Loved you video, your so cute!


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