Monday, April 18, 2011

William, Kate and I

Today friends, it's finally here. The Lifetime movie of William and my love (he can't take her away from me) Kate Middleton. The bestie and I have a date with lots of snacks, klennex, because we probably will cry. 

She's so British and gorgeous....*swooon*

In other news, I'm going to a wedding next weekend with my Will and I found a dress that I feel is perfect for a spring wedding. What do you think?

Please disregard my mess, and I think I'm in love with this picture because it looks like I have cleavage. Score! ( I don't actually. Sad face). Anyways, thoughts comments concerns? Let me know....God love ya. ;)

Also I don't post a bunch of pictures of myself really. So here you go, Hi! I'm Marisa!

Have a good week kiddos!!!!!!!!!!!




  1. Your new hair style looks terrific

  2. veryyyy cute dress!!! i lived in cedar rapids for 5 years before moving here:) go iowa!

  3. aww cute dress girl :) and eeks i saw the movie last night- what did you think? mm i thought it was OK but suppose thats me! have a wonderful tuesday! xo

  4. cute dress!!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose= )

  5. Love your wonderful dress! Greatblog! Follow you) follow me?


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