Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Purpose Of Our Lives Is To Be Happy.

Hello friends! I'm back and better than ever. I was soooooo productive this weekend and took care of so many things that were stressing me out, I feel 100lbs lighter! I got my room all organized closet cleaned out and boy let me tell you does it feel good. It made me remember why I fell in love with minimalism; to not feel defined by my possessions but rather to define my life by my actions and relationships with all the great people in my life.

Saturday I headed to Ames to celebrate my friends quarter century bday with some of our favorite movies (Easy A, Clueless, Mean Girls...) and sooooooo much food. 

I'd tell you what we had...but you'd probably never believe that we could eat it all. Lets just say cake and ice cream were only a small portion of the celebratory foods. I couldn't bring myself to eat a thing until about noon today. I was that full from Saturday night. None the less, it was a most excellent time and I look forward to the next quarter century :)

How was everyone elses weekend? Hopefully full of fun and food! Haha. We're at less than 5 weeks till vacation and less than two until my weekend of bad decisions and debauchery with my Will. Oohhh the fun times that are ahead!



Title quote: His Holiness, The Dalai Lama 


  1. hehe, he is a smart man.. i agree!

    yeahhhh.. work does tend to get in the way of fun.. but at least it funds the fun.. so i guess it's worth it.. but mostly- BOO work. if it just weren't so dang time consuming!

  2. Sounds like you had a yummy weekend. I am looking forward to a little get together with my high school friends this Wednesday, I hope our get together is just as fun and yummy as yours. =) Have a great week

  3. Happiness is yes, my purpose in life!! Is there anything more important? Ok, maybe health. But those two are close! ;-)

    Happy Monday Darling!

  4. nom nom! and that quote is so true! some days are easier than others! :)

  5. Happy Monday and Happy Birthday to your Ames friend! I make a run to Ames when I need my Starbucks fix. and Hickory Park! Damn gas prices, it's been awhile!
    Hope your having a great day!
    gi gi

  6. I did some spring cleaning of my own this weekend. It was actually a pretty low-key weekend for once, which was pretty nice!

  7. There is definitely something to cleaning and organizing and getting those loose ends taken care of. And I am learning more and more, that less is really more. All of this stuff that we work to accumulate can become a drag if we let it.

    Hope you have a great week!


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