Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

Wow I can't believe I'm already doing my second Thankful Tuesday. Well I guess I can't believe I remembered to do my second Thankful Tuesday. Sometimes I swear I have adult ADD. So here you go 5 things I'm thankful for this week.

1.) My health. Sometimes it takes something bad happening to someone close to you to make you really appreciate your good health. It shouldn't be that way.

2.) My car. I have had that thing since I was 18 years old and it's never given me one serious problem. (Knock on wood) And since I'm currently a poor person I'm super thankful for that!

3.) Sunday Brunch with the roomie and friends. Seriously, what better way to start your week than cocktails good food and plenty of weekend gossip catch up?

4.) Clif Bars. A silly one, but really this is like a food group for me. Like the big one at the bottom of the food pyramid. Without them, I would be lost. 

5.) The Royal Wedding!!!!!! Sorry I had to throw that in. I've been waiting and waiting for months! You better believe my ass will be up at 2:30am to prepare and my nails will be done with my No More Waity, Katie Butter London polish!

What are you thankful for this week?



p.s. If you haven't tried Clif Bars yet DO IT!!!!!!!!! It will change your life.


  1. oh girl i LOVE cliff bars as well- and loving larabars! Nom Nom Nom ;) xo

  2. i forgotttttt about cliff bars.. i need sommmeeeeee but first i will eat this cookie i'm holding.. muahhaaha

  3. love clif bars! but right now there's another health bar that i'm obsessing over. i forget the name but it's so good...chocolatey and almondy...yum!

  4. Aw, love your list!!!!
    I have never had a cliff bar! Hm, have to look for them!
    Happy Tuesday, oh I think it's Wed now!!!
    Happy DAY!!!!!

  5. I haven't had a cliff bar!!! I'll find one :)

  6. i am thankful this royal wedding caca is ALMOST OVER. lol

  7. Love your list! SO excited for the Royal Wedding too! I am getting up at 1a (PST) for it as well :)

    PS. Adore your blog - following now :) xx

  8. i've never had a clif bar either, i will hve to check them out...have you tried larabars?? those are some of my favorites. great list - always important to take a minute and reflect on the amazingness of our lives :)


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