Thursday, April 14, 2011

I needed to find sanctuary in a place where I can gather my thoughts and regain my strengths...

Lately I've been feeling super stressed, pissed off and out of control. I've been pretty busy lately, and at the same time pretty lazy lately. I haven't devoted much time to organization and de-cluttering. Which I'm guessing is the root cause of it. I'm not super OCD but nothing gives me more anxiety than clutter...except maybe traveling. Maybe it's a tie. Anyways, I was doing sooooo well with maintaing a somewhat minimalistic lifestyle and felt at peace and in perfect balance. I think things went awry during my birthday. I was like wooo!!!!!! Party and I can buy things for me because IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! Somehow it all snowballed until here I am surrounded by too much stuff that is making me freak the freak out. ( Shout out to Victoria Justice!!!) So, tonight, tomorrow and Sunday are going to be devoted to de-cluttering and finding that inner peace again. And if I don't, hey it's the weekend and I have vodka.

(someday my bedroom will be this chic. Then maybe we can have a sleepover.)

( and we can sit and have a cup of coffee and enjoy my fantastic view)

(then I'll kick you out so I can work on my fabulous blog at my fabulous desk.)

Any other de-clutter motivation you can send my way I'd appreciate. I'm always looking for ways to improve and streamline.

Minimalist Cheers!



  1. dude! you've got some minimalistic/stark looks going on here! hope the de-cluttering goes well! and vodka might make that process even MORE enjoyable! :)

  2. Good luck de-cluttering, and hope you find some time to relax today as well :)

  3. i like those two yellow chairs!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )


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