Monday, April 11, 2011

A Nice Little Weekend

Holy awesome weather in Des Moines! Saturday and Sunday we say 80 degrees and sunshine. Sorry for being away, but I couldn't pass that up. Friday night was a friends bday partayyyy. Which I paid for on Saturday...and I had to work. Suck. But! Saturday morning I got to enjoy a lovely brunch with the roomie and friends where we recapped the night and discussed who was winning! and...who was not winning. Pretty sure I ended up being the winner. I did not cry and my guy was hot. Score! Saturday evening I got to see an old college friend who was in town and we grabbed dinner on a patio and enjoyed a nice refreshing beer in the (did I mention?) beautiful warm sunny weather. Please don't think less of me for admitting this but....I totally crashed after dinner. Which was 9:30. I know. I'm old balls, I just can't party like I used to. Ah well, I got plenty of sleep and then had an old person Sunday. It involved, a mid morning run, grocery shopping, cleaning and laundry and then a movie. Which may or may not have been The Young Victoria...again. I have a problem.

But really who wouldn't want to watch their love story? They're both so pretty. 

One last thing that made my Sunday super awesome. I finally found it.

Yeah I ate the whole thing. What of it?

Only 5.5 weeks left till vacation!!!!!!!!!




  1. Oh, your funny!
    Yay for our weather! I worked in my yard ( ya, I'm old balls too) and my tan!
    gi gi

  2. i flipping love jimmy and his ice cream!! i haven't found it yet, but when i do i might eat the entire thing as well.

    you totally can take awesome pictures! you know.. i think i'm going to write a post with photo tips.. thanks for the idea!

  3. You found it!!! Isn't it the BEST?? They now sell it at the Vons right across the street from my apartment and it's DANGEROUS. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

  4. bah!

    late night snack?! i want to try it! and i am pretty sure i would eat the whole thing, too! :)

  5. "old balls" hahaha - love it!

  6. I'm dying to try that new Ben & Jerry's flavor, how did it taste?


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