Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Boulder, CO

So I've been getting my research on about the city of Boulder Colorado. I've never been, but heard it was pretty cool. Upon my searching I discovered this little shop.

( Tee & Cakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(Doctor cupcakes? How cute is that?)

Tee and Cakes is a locally owned Boulder bakery, custom cake and wedding cake shop. They also sell scones, donuts, cinnamon rolls, cookies, mini pies, brownies annnnndddd coffee. So basically this place is my heaven and as far as I'm concerned the owners are Jesus. I cannot wait. Seriously I've read their website like a zillion times. ( I linked it above. I suggest you do the same.) Also I may or may not be on the hunt for a pretty "tee" party dress. Just don't tell my friend. He's still not too keen on a tea party. 

Another cool place I found was a vintage store called Goldmine Vintage



I've never been any good at the vintage/thrifting shopping but this place looks sooooo cool that I'm feeling pretty good about it. I mean I have to find at least one thing right? If not I'll just head back to Tee and Cakes and drown my sorrows in more cupcakes. 

And with that I'll leave you with some parting facts about Boulder. Like, did you know that it's sister city is Lhasa, Tibet? Home to the Dalai Lama? Well it is and has been since 1987 which I think is pretty awesome. Also they have a really sweet theatre called the International Film Series. They are a local arthouse series that showcase a wide range of eclectic films from many different genres. If you know me and movies, you know this is right up my alley. 

I hope everyone learned something today!




  1. oh my word! so glad you found these places!!!

    i have heard good things about boulder. and i think i have heard that they have AWESOME weather, which is always a bonus!

  2. you're going to have such a great time!

    i can't wait to go to boulder one day :) (Colorado in general!)

    the last picture from my recent post was taken at Snowbird near salt lake city! best snowboarding everrrrrrr! cookies are by far the greatest part of girl scouts hehe

  3. Too cute! We have a cupcake store like that about a mile from our house and going there always puts me in the best mood! How can you not love a cupcake shop?!


  4. i could do some serious damage at that vintage shop.

    make me proud and do the same!

  5. i could seriously eat about 6 of those cupcakes right now.

    thanks, Marisa :) for thinking of Boo.. it is the worst part.. waiting to see how they are! glad your little guy ended up being fine!


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