Tuesday, April 5, 2011


When you go to the grocery store for just some random odds and ends do you ever wonder what the cashier is thinking? I do. It's one of my favorite past times. Take today for example. Today I needed some cat food, razors (for shaving) and while in line I thought a diet Mountain Dew sounded tasty. Here's what I would think if I were the cashier: She's buying the Mountain Dew to mix with vodka to numb herself before she slits her wrists but not before feeding her cats one last meal. Because really, cat food and razors? How sad is that? Try it next time you're running errands. It's fun!

Also I've had an epiphany. A fourteener is actually a big mountain. Like you're climbing up into clouds. 14,000ft is the altitude people sky dive from. I've been passing it off as nbd, but really I need to take it seriously as it is dangerous and people do die on those mountains. Also the lack of oxygen. Acute altitude sickness is no joke and even at that height HAPE and HACE are a real possibility. As most who know me know that I when plan something I pllaannnn something. So I will be reading and studying until I know every one of the 54 fourteeners inside and out and all there is to know for a successful summit. 

I am currently obsessed (and I mean obsessed) with The Young Victoria and all things Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. I find their love story so endearing and real, it is now my mission to find my very own Prince Albert. :)

Alright that's all the miscellaneous stuff that I have. I shall leave you with this fact: I RAN 8.4 MILES TONIGHT!!!!!!!!! Thats the farthest I've ever run. Ever. Dam to Dam is going down!




  1. hahaha i've never actually thought a scenario for what the cashier is thinking, but i do think to myself "i wonder what the cashier is thinking." haha

    allllllright, i guess we don't have to skip may hehe

  2. oh the cashiers and baggers have a field day with our purchases! i have seen them give eachother KNOWING looks after seeing my purchases! blergh! oh well. they have such boring jobs that this must be the highlight of their days!

    and 14,000 feet! wow! that is UP THERE!

  3. This is great! I've never thought of what cashiers think before but I do now!! ;-)


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