Sunday, April 3, 2011

Des Moines Art Center

Today was unusually nice in Des Moines. 80 degrees! I spent the whole morning being hungover after too much celebrating of my good friend Mike's birthday the night before. Well worth it though. Once I finally felt better I forced myself to head out because for all I know it could snow again tomorrow. So I went to one of my favorite places in Des Moines, the Art Center

I really enjoy art museums. For some reason I find them to be one of the most peaceful places. I just bring my ipod along and I'm off in my own little world. Thanks to Principal Financial Group admission is always free and thus it's my favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon. These are some of my favorites

(Matisse Dame a le robe blanche)

(Francis Bacon's Study after Velazquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X)

This one creeps me out and at the same time I never pass it up.

Also a treat, currently the art center has an Anselm Reyle exhibit. Which I loooovveeed. 

(Anselm Reyles Untitled 2009)

(Anselm Reyel Untitled 2010)

I admit. I'm no art critic. I don't know the deeper meaning behind it all, but I do know that Reyle's use of bright neons, different textures and light really appealed to me. 

After the art center I ventured to the adjoining Rose Garden where somehow 2.5 hours went by and I finished my second mountain disaster book. 

This book actually scared me. Will not be attempting K2 ever.

I would've taken pictures at the Rose Garden but well...there are no roses and it still is brown and drab and depressing looking. However it has benches and it was so nice outside (80 degrees...did I mention that?) so it was the perfect place to finish my book about people dying on a frigid dangerous mountain...

How was everyone elses weekend? I hope absolutely fabulous! Ughh not ready to start another week but only 7 more weeks till vacation!



*all photos via google images


  1. Hey , came across your blog thru Drollgirls sidebar! I was in Des Moines on Sunday! It was a beautiful day!

  2. k2! i read about that place in three cups of tea. sounds like hell. no really i could imagine hell being like that. maybe a little warmer though. lol.


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