Sunday, April 24, 2011

Irresponsible activties > Responsible activies

At least that was the case today. I woke up this morning with the greatest of intentions. Gonna work out, and go grocery shopping, clean and maybe bust out my GMAT books again. You know....responsible adult things that we're expected to do. Instead I went to brunch with my ladies, drank, came home and drank some more, made cupcakes somewhere in the middle and passed out only to wake up at about 7:50pm. Failure of a day you say? Maybe...or a day of awesomeness. In fact this whole weekend has been pretty great. It did include a few of these

(Yes that is a PBR. I really need to get a new camera.)

Anyways, I'm out. I've got nothing today due to irresponsible activities. I promise to be better tomorrow. 




  1. haha i love the sound of this day :)

  2. This day sounds incredibly similar to a couple of days I've had recently haha least you made cupcakes :) That's productive!

  3. sounds like an awesome day to me!!!!

    i got up sunday ready to work out, which is kind of a shocker. i headed out to griffith park, and people were EVERYWHERE. and it started raining. i thought the rain/sprinkles would ruin my iphone, so i turned around and went home. QUITTER!!! lol. i ended up spending the day in sweats hanging out with kitties, books, etc. SUPER LAZY, but kind of rad. :)

  4. hehe yeah.. definitely a day of awesomeness. monday's are for responsiblenss. not sundays!

    my saturday may or may not have included too many of those things in your picture.. which i may or may not have paid for on sunday. haaa

  5. Hahaha - that day sounds AWESOME if you ask me!!



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