Friday, July 23, 2010

This is how we do it...

It's friday night and I feel alright and the not really on the west side but more the central side. HA! Sooooo happy it's friday friends. This work week has been crazy and I had to say goodbye to a cool ass co-worker that is moving on to new adventures. :( But! I'm on a mission tonight to get my bedroom in order. Right now it looks something like this

(this may or may not be an exaggeration image via google)

You know me and my quest for simplicity and minimalism, so it doesn't take much clutter to make me view my room as such. Anyway hopefully after much work my room will end up looking like this.

(Sweet simple perfection image via google)
Okay that probably won't happen but I'm pretty sure if I drink enough wine while I'm re arranging I can be convinced it does. :) Any big weekend plans? Any bedroom design inspirations you want to share with me feel free. I'm always looking for new things.
Happy Friday Loves!

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  1. i'm a fairly organized person...somewhat of a neat freak...but every once in a bedroom is attacked by clutter and it drives me crazy. that first pic you posted...yea that's how it looks.

    hope you conquered your mission and got yourself a clean and spotless room.


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