Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Holy Hotness

I suppose that I should say her Holy Hotness....SHAKIRA! I've always been a big fan. Spanish/English don't care what language she's singing in I LOVE IT! Maybe it's my Mexican genes in me but I love me a good song in Spanish. Makes me want to get up and shake the booty my German genes did not grace me with. (re: flat butt) Either way, here is why I love Shakira.

(image via google)

1.) That Hair! Oh what I would give for that hair!

2.) That Body! Again What I would give for that body!

3.) Did I mention hair?

4.) Her mad moves. I lack the booty to shake it with, but it'd still be nice to have the skillz.

5.) Her non-stop endeavors to bring education to all of Latin America

While I'm home alone you can bet that I will be dancing up a storm tonight....With the blinds shut of course.

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