Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pardon My Absence...

But I've been busy training for a TRIATHLON! Yeah thats right you heard me. So I apologize for my gap in postings but it's actually a lot of work. (I know I really shouldn't be surprised by this) I've got to start slow as I haven't run or done any sort of work out since October, and as it turns out I'm no biker. Can't wait till I start swimming, that should be a hoot! Dave and I joined the YMCA of greater Des Moines so now I've got everything I need to help me train, and this handy dandy book has become my bible.

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It helps me plan my workouts for the week, keep track of my diet and keep track of how I'm feeling fatigue, stress and soreness wise. This way I'll be sure to not over do it.Wish me luck, the next 8 months are going to be a challenge but I'm feeling pretty good about it. Except for right now. I feel about 90 years old. Hopefully I can still walk in the morning......

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