Tuesday, November 24, 2009

To Cut or Not To Cut.....

My hair that is. That is the question. And much tougher than Hamlet's struggle with life and death and wondering what dreams may come. Perhaps not, but it's a question thats been plaguing me for over a month now. I told myself I had to wait till Halloween to get my haircut. ( I'm trying to grow it out you see.) But here I am end of November and still no haircut. However I found a hair muse in the form of Hayden Panettiere:


Perfect haircut yo. Not gonna lie wish I could get the blondness to match. But hey, I'm pretty sure gentlemen prefer brunettes anyways. UGHHHH.....I need a trim at the very least, my hair is looking pretty craptastic these days. I hate doing my hair, which is NOT how I roll. Speaking of hair let me share with you my can-not-live-withouts.

(Heat be damned! You will not ruin my shine!)

Cannot and will not live with out CHI Silk Infusion and Iron Guard. (Find it at Ulta, but not online. If there isn't one by you you can find it at Target although I don't condone buying salon products from places that aren't salons.) The Silk Infusion is just that, run a small dab through wet hair before blow drying and instead of dry friziness you get smooth silkiness. If you straighten then always I repeat ALWAYS use a thermal protector. My fav happens to be the CHI Iron Guard, keeps my hair damage free!

Lately I've been rocking the sleek look but now and then I like to pump up the volume! ( Did I really just say that?) My obsesh for voluminous voluptuous and all other V words that describe big hair?

(Pure Love in a bottle)

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray. Once again can't buy it online, but you can find it at Target. I recommend finding your local salon that sells B&B. Anyway, after using the Silk Infusion spray this miracle mist at your roots, I like to blow dry upside down and voila!

Whew this was a long one. Lessoned learned folks: Don't get me talkin about my hair or hair products. I'll let you know how my hair struggle turns out. Or if I write any soliloquies about it.


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