Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lime Lounge

Last night D, the Besties and I ventured out to a new Des Moines locale, The Lime Lounge. This bar has some history as D and I don't have fancy cable, just the basic, and he likes to watch the public access channel. Over the summer the hot topic on the channel was watching the city council meetings where this entrepreneur was fighting the council to open his bar. The council was trying to shut him down anyway possibly, you know those dang kids and their rap music and all. Lucky for Lime the owner is a lawyer and he gave the council the ole one two and bitches went down hard. So now we have a new establishment in the Ingersoll area it's new, it's fresh, and a nice change of pace from all the dive bars and bar and grills that line the street.

So the review....

We arrived early in the evening and Happy Hour was still going on. BEST HAPPY HOUR EVER. $1 wells and $5 flights. What is a flight you ask? The bestie is the only one who actually got it, but it is 3 mini martinis. Pretty good martinis too, but back to the $1 wells. It felt like college all over again, I cannot remember the last time I had a drink that cheap that wasn't in a bar where you stuck to the floor and the average age was 55. The vibe was pretty cool, maybe a little to hipster for D. Cool chairs, couches, benches and such with pretty mellow music.
( This is actually the couch and
chairs we sat on)

However, around 9:30 pm the dj showed up and it was time for techno and dancin. Not really our thing but it doesn't make me dislike the place. I just know now to show up early for happy hour and leave before the dancin begins.

Long post, I apologize, but get out there and check out Lime Lounge. Be sure to go for their Saturday happy hour because I don't know if I mentioned it but $1 WELLS!


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