Tuesday, December 6, 2011

25 Days of Birthmas Days 5&6: A Personal Plea For Help

Okay so this is Drew and I's first holiday and first birthday together. Might as well get both over with right? I feel like I'm pretty easy to shop for. I have various hobbies that require gear and also I like pink and sparkles. How hard can that be? So here is my problem: wth do I get Drew? I had a plan and he shot it down without even knowing that he shot it down. Now I'm stuck, idea-less and feeling like a Birthmas failure. Please tell me I"m not alone and that you too struggled with you first holiday gift for your boyfriend. So, I need your help with gift ideas. Here are things Drew likes:

Commodities like wheat, soybeans, corn etc...

Finance things

Camping things

Cycling things ( I know nothing about bikes. I'm a runner)

Original Star Trek

South Park

Also, he is going to Dubai in January. I feel like there could be some gift ideas in there...

Thanks loves, I appreciate ANY ideas! Also don't forget to enter my Giveaway!




  1. I am with you sister. I asked my boo what he wanted for Christmas...And he said "socks". So yeah, I have no idea. I know for sure I'm going to be corny and get one of those ornaments that says "Our First Christmas Together 2011".

  2. Seth gave me no viable options. Yet I still managed to overspend on his Christmas gifts...how the heck did I manage that?!

  3. The first Christmas is tough. Have you looked around on Etsy? Maybe there's some cool travel stuff? Is there any biking gadgets that he is in need of? I think we're going to have to strategize over Happy Hour this week - are you in town?

  4. Marisa,

    I did struggle but I went with a nice Polo shirt from RL and jacket and you can't go wrong with a picture frame of you two in black and white. It will add a sweet personal touch.

  5. are there any camping things he has that need to be replaced (like a headlamp or coffee pot or something)? i know my husband always loves a cool camping accessory.

  6. Wow, I'm a loser...I have no ideas for you :( I'm so sorry. I'm not the most creative person or the best with ideas. I'm struggling with Christmas this year. I hope you get ideas from others because I don't have any :( Boo to me.

    On another note...it is very exciting that is your first Christmas and Birthday together <3

  7. Gah, I totally understand this dilemma, for my first Christmas with IC i bought him an Ipod because he didn't have one and he never uses it. It was a total waste. Le sigh.

    Anyway, does he have good travel gear? A nice backpack for a carry on? a guide book to Dubai? Maybe one of those Moleskin travel guides for cities - they're pretty cool they're tiny and fit in your pocket. but it's not only a guide book it has tons of room in it for you to make your own guidebook. You know like write where you went to eat etc?

  8. That is really tough.. First Christmases are hard. I would get him some things for his trip. If he likes to read, maybe some books? Or maybe a guidebook about the area he is visiting?

    Good luck!! You will come up with something!

  9. oh gosh, hmmmmm, i'm really bad at shopping for guys unless it's my dad or brother. :/ but let's see, i'm sure there's an idea here...

    i agree with lisa -- perhaps an "all things dubai" guidebook would be good. or star trek memorabilia? a dvd set of the original star trek? :)

    <3, Mimi
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  10. I STILL struggle with findings gifts for my husband! Let me know if you figure it out... maybe it will give me some good ideas!! :)

  11. ohh Dubai, that should be a lot of fun, I've always wanted to go there! good luck shopping :D

  12. wow dubai!! i would go with some sort of travel theme gift!


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