Monday, October 24, 2011

Do you have somewhere else to be? A hideous skirt convention?

I watched The Devil Wears Prada and The Young Victoria yesterday. I'm pretending to be Emily Blunt today. So this weekend was Race for the Cure and it was once again, so much fun. I love seeing the Des Moines capitol building turn into a sea of pink :) It wasn't my best 5k (30 minutes) but I always end up getting choked up a few times throughout the race and I have to slow it down to prevent myself from hyperventalating. This year it was due to many a big burly men running in pink for their moms, sisters, or wives, and also little boys running for their mothers. I may be tearing up about it as I write this. If you've never done Race for the Cure I highly recommend you do. It's such an amazing experience.

I have a short work week as I'm heading home Thursday and heading to a wedding (yay!) As such, I've been working out like crazy and living off a cube of cheese if I feel as though I'm about to pass out (jk just more Emily for you!) This is more for the going home part, less for the wedding. I've discovered it's best to just be my skinniest self and avoid side eye and looks of contempt while at home. I cannot wait for Sunday, as I plan on consuming 5000 calories....for breakfast.

In true me style, I hate all the dresses that I own and am panicking about what to wear. Am I alone in this? I had planned on wearing this emerald green dress I have, but put it on yesterday and almost vommed on my cat. I have another dress that I can wear as back up but I don't looovve it. And I wore blue to the last wedding. I'm going to end up being that girl who wears blue. What do you guys do in situations like this? I'm taking all suggestions.




  1. I hope your BBE is going to the wedding with you :)
    Thank you for crossing your fingers for my Jeremy!
    I would so love for him to move back!
    gi gi

  2. i love the devil wears prada! and your not alone in panicking for an outfit!

  3. Race for the Cure was a lot of fun! I cannot believe how packed it was though - that was overwhelming!!

    When I have a situation like this, I either a. shop for a new dress or b. wear black and spruce it up with a bright cardigan, scarf or other bright jewelry.

  4. I love "The Devil Wears Prada"! =)

  5. I'm packing for my philly trip and have been doing the same thing. Suddenly I hate all my clothes.

  6. you're definitely not alone in the outfit department. i seem to always take 3 or so dresses for weddings and never end up wearing the one i planned on for some reason. so annoying!

  7. I always panic as well! And I LOL'd about the Emily reference! Best movie ever!

  8. haha...don't count calories!
    I need to watch that movie again~luv!

  9. I LOVE Susan G Komen! I volunteered on the PR team for the Charlotte chapter when I lived there. I will eventually become active in the NYC chapter once life pans out again!

  10. let's here it for the boys supporting the pink efforts! yay! and the girls, too. :)

    i always feel extra porky before i head home for a visit. i hate that. i think everyone must be saying, "boy she porked up again!" lol. annoying. then again, every time i see my cousin blake i think, "dang, he porks up more and more every year!" lol

    a girl always needs several fancy dress options. i have to work an event this friday. i have a dress for it. three actually! and i just went out and bought two new fancy tops in case i decide to wear a skirt. lol. so you are not alone with this issue of not knowing what to wear!


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