Thursday, September 22, 2011

Home Sweet Home

For the first time in a month neither Drew nor I will be getting in a car and traveling this weekend. I'm looking forward to it but at the same time am bummed since that means I won't be seeing Drew. :( I think we've been spoiled over the last month getting to spend so much time together. This past weekend was an absolute blast as we attended our very first wedding together, with a bunch of old friends. Many beers were had, much dancing was done, and hopefully there are very few pictures of it as I'm sure I was anything but graceful. To add to the wedding festivities already happening, we learned our good friends had gotten engaged that weekend. Something was definitely in the air that weekend and I'm pretty sure it was love :)


I picked that photo because Drew holds my hand always and I LOVE IT. Which reminds me of a story I forgot to tell when we were in Duluth. We were walking down the street to go get some lunch and are approaching a mom carrying her young daughter. 

Kid: Mommy look! They're walking together! (meaning holding hands)

Mom: They are because they love each other.

Kid: YAYYY!!!!!!

I wish I could send that kid a card. It made my life :)

Have you had enough of the love fest going on over here? Yes? Okay lets talk golf and beer.

Tomorrow is my company golf outing which means it's time for the annual dragging of my golf clubs out of the basement. Yes I have clubs, but no I cannot golf for shit. But I'm da bomb at drinking beers and driving a golf cart. And really, what else is there to golf? If you don't follow me on twitter you should probably start as tomorrow will be a tweet fest of my amazing beer drinking golfing abilities. 

So follow me @marisa84 and stay tuned. I'm setting my sights high and hoping to win the shortest drive prize. Wish me luck!




  1. Yay for holding hands! I'm green with envy!

    Drinking beer and driving golf carts? Actually, I think I'm more envious of that! Have an awesome time.

  2. Yay! You're on Twitter! I had no idea! I'm sorry you're not seeing Drew, but I'm glad you two having such a good month!! That's awesome!

  3. awwww! too precious. i love the honesty of kids, sometimes!

  4. so stinkin' cute. Love truly is in the air where you're at! & yay for holding hands :)

  5. i think golf is way cooler with beer. but shh don't tell my bf because he is obsssssssesssssssed with golf. golf golf golf golf.. so much golf.

    that is really cute.. what that little kid said hehe

  6. Holding hands is the best :) Such an endearing connection to have with a loved one :)

  7. aw, glad you get to chill at home this w/e. that's such a cute story about the girl!!!


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