Monday, September 12, 2011

Hit it hard every yard for ISU!!!!

Oh hey. Remember me? The girl who's been traveling non stop for the last couple of weeks, yeah thats me. 'Bout time for a GD update. So here it is. I survived camping. AND I actually had fun! Tettegouche State Park was absolutely beautiful and the weather could not have been more perfect nor could my company be any better :)

(Camping essentials...I still don't know what half of it is)

We pitched a tent, made a fire and I called upon my gathering skills and collected twigs for the fire while Drew was in charge of the food. Also I think it goes without saying that we gorged ourselves on S'mores. I forgot how awesome they are.

(Campsite view of Lake Superior)

In the morning we got to watch the sunrise over the lake while eating oatmeal and drinking our coffee. Then something happened that made my entire camping trip. While eating breakfast I looked down over the bluff to see not one but FOUR river otters playing about in the lake. For an animal lover like myself it was the best morning ever.

So moral of the story being if you can get yourself to Tettegouche in the fall because it's absolutely amazing even if you're not the biggest camper.....yet.

So what the heck is with the post title. My Iowa friends know...some may be cheering along...some may be crying in their beers still. This past weekend was the BIGGEST weekend in football in Iowa. The Iowa vs Iowa State game. Iowa is considered the powerhouse football team in the state. Big Ten blah blah blah. However the game was held in Ames this year and of course we were up there at 6:30am cracking open a cold one and cheering on our alma mater. It was an INTENSE game with not one but THREE overtimes with the Cyclones coming out victorious. Seriously I never enjoyed seeing so many faces in so much misery as I did at the bar when Iowa State scored the winning touchdown. The Iowa fans were being particularly rude and well typical Iowa douchebags so it made it all the more amazing. I also may have gotten angry and threw an empty beer can into the crowd at one point. Whatever they were jerks. Anyways, from what I can recall it was a great day and all I need to remember is that the Cyclones won and Iowa City can suck it.

How about everyone else? Any other football victories this weekend? Anyone else throw some beer cans at douchebags?

Cyclone Cheers!



  1. I am so mad I couldn't go to that game. SO MAD!!! but, I'm just as happy to be a CYCLONE! What a great game!!

  2. Your camping trip sounds great, and very inspiring. I'm now thinking about going on a camping trip too this Fall or next Spring.

    As for football - I'm not into it, so no victories, and no beer can throwing at douchebags either (but I did tell a few guys off who rudely called after me when I was passing them in my mini dress).

  3. It was a great weekend for this football fan, not only did the Cyclones win for the first time since '07 (field goals only!) but Bears win Bears win as well!! NFC north title here we come ... AGAIN! :)

  4. Oh, I need to do some camputing soon.

  5. ahh i wish i went to a school that was big into football.. my school had NO football team hahaha.. but it is big into hockey :) actually.. during my 3rd yr the hockey team went division a.. pretty exciting! but still no football team! i think it would be so awesome to go to a huge game. i'll just have to crash another schools game one day.

    and yeah smores are definitely one of my favorite parts of camping hehe.. the otters would be pretty cool too.. i've never seen them outside of a zoo!

  6. hope your traveling has been great. isn't football season the best?

  7. My team has lost so badly this year.
    Ps I think I told you but I got a B in camoin! Hanna. Hotel city for me.

  8. I was so sad seeing all of the tailgating happening with me at iowa!!! but congrats :) can't believe i missed that game!

  9. Bahahaha - I didn't throw any beer cans at douchebags, but I would have liked to!

  10. Hey Girl :) Oh your camping trip sounded and by the beautiful pic looked perfect!
    Well. everyone I love... LOVES the Hawks. I promise they are not Douchebags, lol!
    I think it's pretty exciting ISU won, good for you guys :)
    Hope you are having a wonderful week, and safe travels to you!
    gi gi


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