Tuesday, July 12, 2011

TGUK, Minneapolis, and Real Maple Syrup

As you've probably gathered from the title I was in Minneapolis this weekend to see The Get Up Kids and stayed with one of my very best friends from college, Drew. Who made homemade maple syrup and gave me a bottle. Hence the real maple syrup. Now that that is cleared up, lets move on. 

Minneapolis houses a few pretty awesome things. The Mall of America, Ikea...okay two awesome things. 3 if you count Drew. The Get Up Kids were playing in Iowa City but I decided to just kill a bird with a stone and see a band and a friend and get out of Des Moines for the weekend. So my hungover self  (Happy Birthday Seth!!!) made the ever exciting drive to the Twin Cities. No I don't have any pictures from the drive. Have you ever driven from Des Moines to Minneapolis? Anyways, I was pretty much recovered by the time I arrived and actually felt that solid food was a good idea. So after being hungover all day resisting the urge to vom along Interstate 35, what is better than raw fish, eel and warm rice wine? Drew took me to Wakame by Lake Calhoun in the super hipster Uptown. It was absolutely amazing and know what was even better? Ben and Jerry's being next door. So naturally after dinner we hit it and I got my most favorite ice cream ON A CONE!!!!!!

(Late Night Snack!!!!)

Drew got his Late Night Snack in a dish and then was sad about it. Lucky for him I like him so I shared my cone.

After dinner and dessert, we did what anyone would naturally do next. Hit up the liquor store for some wine. 2 bottles of wine, Charlie the Unicorn, Kittens Inspired By Kittens later, I was well on my way to a repeat of the previous morning. However Sunday morning was 1 million times more awesome because it involved eggs, peanut butter and banana toast and french pressed coffee. And no not at a restaurant. I know be jealous. 

Sunday involved an Ikea excursion, and a viewing of Horrible Bosses which I thought was hilarious. Then it was time to get ready for The Get Up Kids!!!!!!!!

(Waiting for the bus taking pictures. Blue Moon Cafe.)

From the bus we took the "light rail". Which is basically Minneapolis speak for train.
Finally we arrived at our destination: the Triple Rock Social Club. I wish I had more pictures/ better pictures, but I think my camera has finally bit the dust. It's had a good life. RIP camera :(

So far I've seen Saves The Day, now The Get Up Kids. All thats left is Something Corporate and The Ataris and it will complete my high school band nostalgia tour. I don't know if it will happen, but I'll keep trying.
So! Kick ass, super awesome weekend of awesomeness. Which included a Monday breakfast of buttermilk and honey pancakes with blackberries and real maple syrup. Then I had to drive back to Des Moines. And this morning I had to make my own breakfast :( Booooooo.




  1. Nice post! I love how weekends like that give you energy (at least enough to last the week till the next weekend)!

  2. wow that is an amazing weekend!!

  3. I need to find me a friend who can make awesome breakfasts! The whole weekend sounds fab (except the hangover. Why do we have to have hangovers? Why?) and ice cream in a cone is the bestest.

  4. Mmmm, maple syrup! I am originally from West Des Moines but now live in the good old Twin Cities, so I have done the DSM to Mpls drive many, many times! Not really many good photo ops, I would have to agree - but I love both places!

  5. I still have never been to IKEA!! I think I must be missing out....

  6. Wow..... I love hearing your stories ;)
    The drive to Iowa to Minneapolis is quite boring!
    Glad to hear you made it with no chunks, lol!
    So jealous you went to Ikea!
    Your friend Drew sounds like he ROCKS!!!
    ps, here is my email simplysmilephoto@gmail.com
    let's do the tennis thing :)


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