Sunday, July 17, 2011

Coffee and Toast

Sounds boring right? Black coffee and toast. Dark dry drab blehhh...sounds like routine. Boring corporate routine. I always envision some banker or old timey sales guy reading the Wall Street Journal drinking coffee and eating toast before grabbing their briefcase, and heading out the door to some boring cubical job. I never wanted that to be my morning. Well in my vision it's always a dude, but my point being I never wanted that to be my morning with my significant other. 

I have all these ideas of how I want my life to be. I know that I can be a little OCD. I clean to de-stress, and I enjoy dumping out my change jar and counting it and sorting it for fun. While I've had many a random crazy adventure in my time, as you've all read...they're just that. Random crazy adventures. Then they end, I write about it, have a laugh and move on. They didn't fit my idea of how I felt my life should be, how I should meet my significant other, or they didn't do what I thought my significant other should do. I always told myself that it'll all fall in place and he'd be perfect and everything would be according to my plan. This idea I had in my head, if I just believed it and persevered it would all turn out. 

But what do you do when something shakes your belief to the very core? When something as simple as  coffee and toast forces you to question everything you once believed about yourself? Do you keep persevering as you always believed you should or do you re-evaluate? I mean after all it's coffee and toast, not champagne and caviar. Doesn't seem like enough to really throw you off balance or question everything you thought to be right for you. The plan you had laid out for yourself. 

This coffee and toast though....this coffee and toast is different. This coffee and toast was the best coffee and toast ever, in fact the best breakfast ever, the best entire morning ever. Best mornings ever. I tend to be a very rational analytical person. I always force myself to take a step back and analyze. Sometimes this is a great asset to have and sometimes, okay almost always when it comes to the love/romance department it is anything but a terrific asset. So I did. Take a step back, look at the facts. Was this really that amazing of a breakfast? Or are you just playing it all up in your head because it's been a while since you've sat down and had a real breakfast with someone? You know actually conversed over coffee shared a laugh, planned a day? Think girl, think because the last thing you want to be is a hopeless romantic lunatic spouting Shakespearean sonnets over some GD coffee and toast. 

I don't have a clear cut answer yet. Things aren't always clear cut, nor easy. I do know this about the coffee and toast though: it was truly amazing. The best. Super awesome fantastic. There is no doubting that. Does it go along with the plan I had laid out for myself in my head? Not at all. Despite all that, I'd be a dang dirty liar if I said mornings like that, day after day after day, wouldn't make me happy. And in the end isn't being happy all that matters?


  1. Ok, I just sat down with my nightly coffee.... now ya got me in the mood for toast, he he!
    Ya know you can have coffee and toast any ime ;0

    Life does not always go according to plan, cos if it did, it would be damn boring.

    - Cloudytheblonde

  2. you are an excellent writer.
    I'm not a coffee drinker, but this sure persuades me to try some with toast, of course :)

  3. If coffee and toast, or the metaphor for coffee and toast, makes you happy, then go for it. Like georgia-gigi said, life doesn't go to plan - and thank God! Most of the best stuff is unexpected and unplanned.

  4. Hey, it's me again :) Would you mind if I link this post in my post I am working on right now(inspired by this post), he he?

  5. I love this. It's so Zen!
    Have you entered my giveaway?

  6. Stopping by from Going Glam With Gigi :) Loving your blog and I'm now a follower !!!

  7. that sounds like a good...breakfast. things never really happen how you plan them, you know? happy for you!

  8. I've learned over time that those plans I had of how my life "should be" are no where near as good as life is when I let go of my plan and open up to other possibilities....just a thought.

  9. if it makes you happy, it must be good! and i think part of life is thinking you have it all figured/planned out, and then having to "re-think" it all over again. :)

  10. yes.. being happy is definitely the most important.. there is no way you could know what you want when you're younger.. if you asked me what i'd be doing at 26 (now) when i was 15 i would tell you "i'll be married with a baby and working at a magazine." well hello, i'm not married, and heck no i don't have any babies and i'm an artist and have zero plans that involve magazines.. unless it's my work being featured in an article hehe..

    do what you want! :)


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