Monday, May 2, 2011

The Hangover-Part 1

Okay so here it is. Part 1 of The Hangover Weekend. Where to even begin? 

So first of all you must know that I was going to Waterloo. Lets just say....well Raygun made a shirt for Waterloo that went a little something like this:

Waterloo: You may recognize us from COPS

It got pulled though. Apparently the mayor of Waterloo thought it gave an inaccurate depiction of Waterloo. I disagree.

So, I get to Waterloo way ahead of Will and was like thats cool I'll venture out and find some dinner I'm starving. So I drop my stuff off in our room and head down and about a block away from our hotel I find this

(please note this is not the strip club we went to. We were told it was...ummm...well a little too rough)

So I immediately text the bestie and am like " in Waterloo....." Haha. Anyway I decided to hightail it out of there and head across the river. It looked nice, and I found a nice little Irish pub called Jamesons Public House and had some amazzzing mac and cheese with a refreshing Blue Moon. Drink number 1. The night goes downhill from here. 

(Soooooo good)

After my dinner I decided I should stop and get some booze for the hotel, however there is not a gas station, Walgreens to be found. The only place I could find was a seedy little "convenience" store, but after my beer I was feeling a little braver so I went for it and then hurried back to the safety of my hotel. By that time Will had shown up and we got the party started with a few drinks in the hotel, then went down to the hotel bar where we had some more drinks and played pool. Will's friend Joe and his girlfriend Heather showed up while we were playing pool so we went back up and got ready to head to the casino. Then we almost got murdered by our shuttle driver. This is how it all went down.

So as I mentioned Waterloo is....well it's Waterloo. We get in the shuttle and the conversation between Will and Joe goes something like this:

Will: Wow so Waterloo huh?

Joe: I know I'm just waiting for someone to call so I can be like....I'm in Waterloo....yeah. I know.

Will: I know this place could be nice but I's Waterloo

At this point, the boys realize that just mayyyybe this driver is from Waterloo. The conversation continued as such:

Will: So...have you lived in Waterloo long?

Driver: *Crickets*

We all look at eachother and the driver turns on the radio and turns it up. LOUD. The boys can't stop laughing and I'm beyond embarrassed that I can't even look at anyone. The casino was supposed to be only 10 minutes away but before we know it we're in the middle of nowhere cornfields, with the highway in sight right next to us. I look up at Heather and I can tell she's thinking the same thing: We are being taken out to be killed. Joe tries unsuccessfully to talk to the driver by asking if the song on the radio is Bowie. Nothing. We're all beginning to feel a little edgy as we are literally IN A CORN FIELD late at Waterloo. Luckily we see the casino, scramble out of that shuttle and thank our lucky stars we're alive. 

 (Why didn't anyone tell me this shirt makes me look like I weigh 200lbs? Ugh old reliable no more)
The rest of the night is spent drinking, reliving our near death experience, oh yeah and then taking a cab to the grooms house for post party drinks and guess what? It's the cab drivers FIRST NIGHT and she has no idea where we want to go. We all busted out our phones and used our GPS to guide her there.

It was an adventurous night and I'm pretty sure I was the winner of most drunk as illustrated below:

(Joe and Heather still keeping it together looking cute)

(Aaaannnnnndddd myself looking a total hot mess.)

In conclusion, I'm awesome and this night doesn't even compare to the next night. Please stay tuned for Part 2-The Wedding and Part 3-The Post Wedding Party.




  1. you blew a .23 and you look that cute? LUCKY!!! you should see me wasted. my eyes are usually bloodshot with one twitching every 2.5 seconds. it's creepy.

  2. wow i would be FREAKING out in the cornfield situation! blue moon was my drink of choice this weekend.. i came to the conclusion that it's kind of like the food of beers.. or i guess all wheat beer is.. it's almost like having a little snack haha.. i don't know, i'm tired.

  3. sounds hilarious and so fun!! awkward about the waterloo thing though, haha :)

  4. This niight sounds soo funny!! I have no idea where Waterloo is but I love Cops!x

  5. Now that's the way to have fun!!! ;-)

  6. love the last picture! Looks like you had a great night :)

  7. I can't stop laughing! You seriously crack me up! I love all your pics and your commmentary :)
    gi gi


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