Monday, April 26, 2010

What The Shit Is This!

Thats what I'm going to say when I go to the Hyundai dealer with my spark plug cover that is now in pieces. Tonight D replaced my spark plugs on my car as I watched on and learned valuable lessons. Like spark plug covers aren't necessary and can be busted when the one bolt doesn't want to come out. Anyway, big thanks to D for replacing my spark plugs. Now my car is running better and hopefully the check engine light doesn't come back on.

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention, last Thursday my check engine light came on as I was leaving Target. I came back to work and was all like OMG MY CHECK ENGINE LIGHT CAME ON!!!!!!!!!!!! My boss looked at me and was like, "Did you remember to get pickles?", and I was all DID YOU NOT HEAR ME CHECK. ENGINE. LIGHT. Needless to say no one else shared my concern. Apparently those little buggers come on mostly for lame reasons. So here I am freaking out that my car is going explode Michael Bay style while driving down 235 and everyone else is like, you probably didn't put your gas cap on right. Excuse me? I've ahd this car 7 years and that mother effing light has NEVER come on. Luckily my boss was my hero and brought his diagnostic reader thing to work and turns out my O2 sensor was faulty. Okay fine everyone you were right. Michael Bay is going to be so disappointed.

So that brings us up to the spark plug incident. Today I noticed my car idling really low and pretty rough, and I was like great, you win this time Bay. So when I got home safely I googled my problem and who would've thought, there's a forum for Hyundai Accents, and low and behold other people have encountered my exact problem check engine light and all. The fix? Spark Plugs. So wooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Car problem solved.

That was a lot about my car. Sorry. I'm just excited.

To end this is what I made for dinner tonight.

(image via eating )

I recommend you click on that link and make some yourself.

Hope your Monday's were just as exciting. Look for what will hopefully be another awesome car post next Monday as this weekend I will be visiting a junk yard in search of a new spark plug cover.

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