Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Did It!

Today was the Des Moines Marathon. Don't get to excited I didn't run the marathon, or even the half. I'm not that in shape. However, my office always gets together a Marathon Relay team and I ran a whole 6.2 MILES!!!!! How the relay works is you have 4 people run 5 miles and then 1 lucky person (yours truly) runs the last 6.2. I am not a runner. I played tennis and soccer back in the day, but I never ran to keep in shape or anything, and in college I always used the ellipticals. As of late though I've gotten into running and this was a great way to challenge myself to achieve what I once thought was the impossible. I've run 5Ks before, but nothing more than that. So to accomplish a 10K in a pretty decent time was a truly amazing feeling. So now I'm looking forward to the next challenge the Des Moines Dam to Dam. It's a 20K. Watch out running world I'm taking over!

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