Friday, August 31, 2012

Marathon Training: Burnout

Well here we are folks. Week 13 of 18 of marathon training. And I am burned out. Forcing myself to do my training runs during the week is the hardest, most painful thing I have to do these days. A combination of a lot of traveling and work stress has just drained me. I can't seem to get back on track. My feet hurt, I have 5 zillion blisters, I'm always hungry and always tired. I won't lie to you times are tough right now. Oddly enough though, I still look forward to my long runs on the weeknds. Like quick 5 mile run on a Tuesday? Are you effing kidding me? 5 miles?? On a Tuesday???? WHYYYYYYYYYY????? But 16 mile run on a Sunday? Oh, well that sounds quite lovely actually. Don't mind if I do. Perhaps it's because I don't work on Saturdays and I also don't work on Sundays. So it's nice to get outside and go for a run. But these training runs during the week.....shoot me now. I also just bought my second pair of Brooks. As much as I hated to drop another $110 after only 3.5 months, I also remebered it was also close to 300 miles later and time to start rotating in new shoes. Especially with the marathon getting close. 37 days close to be exact. I hope I get out of this slump soon, because I can't afford to slack right now. No injuries this year please. Any other runners have experience with marathon burn out? I'll take any and all advice.



p.s. Thank you for the congratulations and well wishes. We are excited :)

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  1. i haven't built up to a full, but i totally know what you're talking about when i was training for a 1/2 and was slightly injured. i'd run 10 miles one day and be fine and then could barely make it through 4 a few days later. so annoying.


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