Friday, December 23, 2011

25 Days Of Birthmas Day 23: Running on Diet Coke and Hope

I am a wreck. As in I haven't slept well this week AT ALL, have already worked 44.5 hours in 4 days and haven't had a decent well balanced meal in who knows how long. But! Things are looking up, as today is a half day and I get to head up north to spend my Birthmas with my favorite boy. I'm just so ready for this all to be over so I can get back to my regularly scheduled program. You know the one where I actually work out, eat something other than black beans and Ramen and sleep through the night. And don't fall back into old habits. I'm looking at you Diet Coke. Oh well could be worse, could have gone back to cigarettes right? 

Sorry I'm being a Grinch right now. What is my problem? It's Festivus, I'm heading to Minneapolis, and Birthmas is only TWO DAYS AWAY! Enough woe is me, bring on the festivities and the food. (And the presents too!) I think I said I was taking a hiatus like two posts ago. This time I mean it. I'm out Des Moines. See you when I'm 27!!!!!!!




  1. Oh, a stress marathon! I hate those! Good luck!

  2. hi marisa! i hope you are having a fantastic time! have a fun and relaxing christmas! and of course, have a happy happy birthday!!! :D

    <3, Mimi

  3. Stay young at heart as always!
    Merry & Happy Birthmas!

  4. A little late but oh well: Merry Christmas and a happy birthday!

  5. merry christmas!! and i can't wait to hear about everything!!!! wahoo! happy birthdayyyyy


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