Wednesday, December 21, 2011

25 Days of Birthmas Day 21: Only 4 Days Left...

Wow, I can't believe it's almost here! 4 Days. FOUR!!!!!! This week has been hell as Tuesday was a 13+ hour day and today is a 15+ hour day. However when talking to my best boy he had this to say: "You can do it. Then you can come kick it and let me take care of you." I died. That right there was the best Birthmas present ever. I'm looking forward to pancakes and birthday cake and potato pancakes (Happy Hanukkah!) and whatever other cakes come with Birthmas. I'll take them all please! Eff the gym this week, you only turn 27 once right? And then come January....Ass kicking Pikes Peak Ascent training. Better enjoy being a fatty while I can. And on that note, I would like this cake for Birthmas please

Pink: Check. Crown: Check. Sparkles: Check. Yup this is my Birthmas cake!!!

Happy Holidays to you all and your lovely families! I hope everyone gets everything they wanted and more. I'm going to take a little Birthmas hiatus and will be back Monday to tell you all about it! Hugs to each and every one of you!!!



P.S. Check it out, I suck at money and so does my friend so we started a blog about our quest to not suck at it anymore. Read about it here.


  1. i definitely think you should get that cake for your birthday!

  2. You deserve the tiara & don't count any calories!
    Happy Sweet B'Day, Marisa!


  3. I hear ya on the indulging! I've been eating entirely too many Christmas cookies this week, but I figure I'll just work out a little harder next week!!

  4. I have always wanted a pink princess cake.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. Aw, that was a very sweet comment for your boyfriend to make. What a catch. :) And of course, what a catch you are!

    Enjoy your birthmas!!!

  6. Enjoy your weekend! Happy Birthmas!


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