Monday, August 1, 2011

BDE With The BBE

I am all about the acronyms lately. Haha. So It's Monday and that means recapping the Best Day Ever with the Best Boy Ever!!!!!!!  I don't really have any pictures as I forgot my camera at home which I think was for the best so then I wasn't constantly interrupting the day trying to get the right shot. Just got to enjoy all my time with Drew and boy did we do a ton of stuff! I'll recap it in list form.

8:00am: Breakfast. French Toast made by me. I concede that I am not as awesome at breakfast as Drew. I may not be as awesome at cooking as Drew. Ah well. 

10:15am: Head down to the East Village/Capitol. Perused the grounds while waiting for the shops to open up.

11:00am: Hit various shops in the East Village. Drew got some cool spices at All Spice and I got some more Caldrea dish soap at my all time favorite Eden . Drew being the best boy ever was a good sport and smelled a bunch of candles and voted for our favorite Votivo scent. And by our I mean we totally voted for two different candles. Whatever.

Noonish: Lunch at Noodle Zoo!!!!! It was so amazing. Seriously I have yet to take someone there that didn't think it was super amazing delicious. After an amazing lunch, Drew 100% proved himself worthy of the title of best boy ever.


Harry Potter at the IMAX!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG it was so amazing! Beyond words! I want to see it 500 MORE TIMES!!!!!! 

After the movie we also spent time at the Science Center where Liam Neeson taught us about black holes, we built a rocket, race cars, and Drew helped a dad and his son build the Gateway Arch. 

Think the day is done? Oh no far from it!

4:30pm: Italian American Heritage Festival. We listened to some guy play some traditional Italian folk music with instruments made out of goat skin (ew), drank some delish sangria and learned about the different states in Italy.

6:00pm: Dinner at Cuatro with some happy hour margaritas. Good and much needed after the long day we'd already had. Once we were refueled it was off to the horse races!

7:00pm: Prairie Meadows race track and casino. Mostly did people watching. But occasionally watched the horses. It was such a perfect night out, I could've just sat there all night. But! After watching some craps and Drew deciding he didn't want to become a poor hobo, we met the bestie and her bf downtown for drinks

9:00pm: Royal Mile. We started here sitting on the patio, drinking some beers and enjoying the nice weather finally in Des Moines. ( It didn't last however. It's hot as hell right now.) The bestie however, enjoyed an entire butt.

After Royal Mile we went to another bar, more drinks were had and then we called it a night. It was midnight and we'd been out and about since 10am. Whew! Talk about a long day, but the BEST day!!!!!

Are you still with me? You're all such good friends :) So there you have it. The Best Day Ever. I have not had so much fun in a long time. Not since I was in Minnesota last :) I can't wait to do it again and very very very soon. How was everyone else's weekend? Hopefully just as amazing!




  1. So glad you had a great time!

    I saw HP too - but found myself wishing I was seeing it at an IMAX

  2. Perfect! Hope it was as good as it sounds!

  3. Awesome! I really want to read the HP books... just have to get my hands on the series!

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
    Follow @UnraveldThreads on twitter!

  4. you win! i worked all weekend and then that whole traffic/ gas disaster hehe.. but this really does sound like the best day :) makes me want to plan a day out with my bf who coincidentally has the same title! haha

    yesssss harry potter was amazing. i love him.

  5. Glad you had your BDE :) and yes HP in IMAX is UH.MAZE.ING.

  6. Nice to know you had your BDE with BBE...
    and you managed to squeezed in Harry Potter too,
    quite an accomplishment ♥

  7. good day indeed!!! i haven't seen harry potter yet :(:(

  8. DUDE. you pack a LOT into a day! wow! glad you had so much fun!

  9. I dint think I've had my bde just yet!


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