Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thankful Tuesday/ I'm Back!

Hello! Long time no blog. Sads I know, but I have been sooo busy/....well just not around. But! I have every intention of staying in Des Moines this week and weekend so we are back to our regularly scheduled program...for now. I know I know I still haven't done Part 3. I was with Will this weekend and I looked through the pics and well, I can honestly say I don't remember any of them. Don't worry I will post them eventually (once WILL posts them eventually) because they are funny. I just don't have any stories to go along with them because I don't remember where/when/why we took them. I told Will he's ruining my internet fame and I'll have no blog friends if he doesn't do it quick (thats what she said) but, this week is his finals for law school (he graduates May 28th!) so I'm not going to bug him to much about it. Alright on to things I'm thankful for this week:

1.) Caffeine. I have drank more redbulls in the last two weeks than I probably have in the last 2 years. This traveling business is wearing me out!

2.) Fans. It is crazy hot here in Iowa (90 degrees!) and I couldn't be happier for a ceiling fan in every room and my awesome window fan. My cats love it too.

3.) My mom. Without her I wouldn't be here writing this blog. (Happy late Mother's Day!)

4.) Free laundry in my apartment. I think I take this for granted but it's something a lot of other apartment renters don't have. It's amazing. I can't imagine ever going back to the old college days of homework and snacks at midnight in the laundromat.

5.) Blue Moon. I'm so excited that it's patio weather and nothing is more refreshing than a blue moon on a patio. Ahhhhh..........

I'm so glad to be back. I've missed all of you. I hope everyone had a great weekend and Mother's Day!




  1. free laundry!? in your apartment?! both of those are awesome.. and together even more awesome haha

    i'm thankful for blue moon too hehe

    and wow, your trip is so soon! i'm excited for you :D

  2. great to have you back! fun list!! =P

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  3. blue moon...YES!!! you nailed it with that one. i long for warm days outside with a blue moon in hand and a slice of orange. mmm...

  4. i too am thankful for caffeine! and the fact that it's finally starting to warm up here so that means deck time! couldn't be happier!

  5. blue moon is my favorite too!!! they have it nowhere near me,i have searched. but patios they do have!

  6. You know last week I ran the air and the heat! Crazy! I guess that is Iowa :)
    I have been outside almost all day today, YAY!!!!


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